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At Indulge, we are passionate about coffee and tea. We love the taste, the smell, the feelings it gives us and the connection we share with others who love it too. We want to share with you our love and passion for the best cup of coffee around. The tea that is going to hit the right spot and make your day a hundred times better with just one sip.



Indulge Coffee & Tea is a family owned business based in the beautiful western subarbs of Cleveland, Ohio. 
Indulge began as a dream for Mother-Daughter team Myra Dietrich & Samantha Wright, who spent hours each week at their local coffee shops imagining how they would design their own place. After roughly 10 years of dreaming, of taking classes, talking to many small business & cafe owners and one barista training program.. they were finally ready to take the plunge into small business ownership.


Indulge Coffee & Tea was brought to life in January 2014 on Center Ridge Rd in Rocky River, Ohio. They began as a retail store - specializing in freshly roasted coffee beans from multiple private roasters, perfectly belended loose leaf teas and a wide assortment of coffee and tea accessories & gift items.

Growth was slow and steady, but by August 2014 Indulge Coffee & Tea finally introduced a full service espresso machine to their shop and the store could finally be presented as a coffee shop. While a bit unconventional - considering they couldn't offer seating indoors due to building restrictions - Indulge's unique and expansive espresso menu attracted followers who had grown tired of the big name coffee brands. 


Flash forward to August 2016:
Indulge Coffee & Tea makes a bold move to close up shop and run sales for coffee beans and loose leaf teas online. Myra & Samantha opted for a more mobile approach to the coffee business, choosing to attend flea markets and make coffee & tea shipments & deliveries instead of staying stuck in one spot and hoping for the best. 
You can now shop online for the coffees and teas that have been warmly welcomed into homes throughout Lorain & Cuyahoga Counties. 

*We are going to make this business a success. We are so thrilled to have reached as many people as we did in Rocky River, but the odds were stacked against us in that location.. and we couldn't take the chance of getting another "less than perfect" spot to attempt to grow. We realize that running this type of business is going to be difficult to do online, but we have confidence that in time we can make a real go of it and come back with something bigger and better.* 

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